Multifunctionality attributed to the self-doping in polycrystalline La0.9MnO3: Coexistence of large magnetoresistance and magnetocaloric effect

Patra, M.; De, K.; Majumdar, S.; Giri, S.
March 2009
Applied Physics Letters;3/2/2009, Vol. 94 Issue 9, pN.PAG
Academic Journal
We report the multifunctionality near room temperature attributed to the self-doping in polycrystalline La0.9MnO3. The peak in the temperature dependence of magnetoresistance (MR) and change of magnetic entropy (ΔSM) are observed at 254 K with -MR=55% at 50 kOe and -SM=4.9 J/kg K at 20 kOe where the Curie temperature and metal-insulator transition coexist at 254 K associated with a first order transition. The correlation between resistivity and ΔSM is observed in a limited region around TC. Here ΔSM is close to the largest reported values in manganites, suggesting that the material is interesting for multiple applications.


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