Parametric studies of nonlinear magnetosonic waves in two-dimensional quantum magnetoplasmas

Mushtaq, A.; Qamar, A.
February 2009
Physics of Plasmas;Feb2009, Vol. 16 Issue 2, pN.PAG
Academic Journal
Using the effective one fluid quantum magnetohydrodynamic (QMHD) model, magnetosonic waves propagating obliquely to an external magnetic field are studied in an electron-ion (e-i) Fermi plasma. In the linear approximation, the effect of quantum corrections on the fast and slow magnetosonic waves are discussed. It is shown that the system of QMHD equations admit the Kadomstev–Petviashvilli soliton due to the balance between nonlinearity and dispersion caused by the obliqueness and quantum diffraction effects. It is observed that for both modes, the angle θ, the electron quantum diffraction, and statistic effects modify the shape of the solitary structure. It is also found that the results obtained for the quantum plasma differ significantly from the classical e-i plasmas.


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