Enhanced piezoelectric properties of (Bi0.5K0.5+xLiy)TiO3 ceramics by K nonstoichiometry and Li addition

Sung, Y. S.; Lee, H. M.; Du, W.; Yeo, H. G.; Lee, S. C.; Cho, J. H.; Song, T. K.; Kim, M. H.
February 2009
Applied Physics Letters;2/9/2009, Vol. 94 Issue 6, pN.PAG
Academic Journal
Effects of K nonstoichiometry and Li addition on piezoelectric and dielectric properties of (Bi0.5K0.5+xLiy)TiO3 ceramics were studied in the range of x=-8–1 and y=0–5 mol % from the stoichiometric K0.5. A tetragonal perovskite structure was maintained at all compositions despite the formation of secondary phases with K deficiency. Piezoelectric coefficient (d33) was improved from 13 pC/N at x=0 mol % to 32 pC/N at x=-5 mol % due to K vacancies facilitating domain walls movement. It was further enhanced showing a peak value of 103 pC/N at x=-5 and y=3 mol % due to the microstructure improved with the tetragonality optimized by Li addition.


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