Ionic liquids in sample preparation

Rui Liu; Jing-fu Liu; Yong-guang Yin; Xia-lin Hu; Gui-bin Jiang
February 2009
Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry;Feb2009, Vol. 393 Issue 3, p871
Academic Journal
Due to their unique properties, their good extractabilities for various target analytes, and the fact that many compounds are highly soluble in them, room-temperature ionic liquids (ILs) are used as promising alternatives to the traditional organic solvents employed in sample preparation. ILs have been used as extraction solvents for a wide range of analytes, from environmental contaminates to biomacromolecules and nanomaterials, and as dissolution solvents for various detection techniques. In this paper, the main applications of ILs in sample preparation are reviewed, and the problems and challenges in this area are described.


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