Effects of rare earth manganites on structural, ferroelectric, and magnetic properties of BiFeO3 thin films

Lahmar, A.; Habouti, S.; Dietze, M.; Solterbeck, C.-H.; Es-Souni, M.
January 2009
Applied Physics Letters;1/5/2009, Vol. 94 Issue 1, p012903
Academic Journal
The results of structural studies of pure-phase perovskite thin films of BiFeO3–10% RMnO3 (R=La, Eu, Gd, Tb, and Dy) are presented. Raman scattering studies show line broadening similar to what is reported for RMnO3; they were attributed to Jahn–Teller distortion and orthorhombic structural change. Evidence of an anomaly of the orthorhombic distortion at GdMnO3 could be obtained. Interestingly the addition of GdMnO3 leads to a substantial increase in magnetization, combined with moderate ferroelectric polarization. All other compositions are characterized by higher ferroelectric polarization but almost no magnetization.


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