Interplay among multidressed four-wave mixing processes

Huaibin Zheng; Yanpeng Zhang; Zhiqiang Nie; Changbiao Li; Hong Chang; Jianping Song; Min Xiao
December 2008
Applied Physics Letters;12/15/2008, Vol. 93 Issue 24, p241101
Academic Journal
We report our experimental studies of interplays between four-wave mixing (FWM) processes in multidressed two- and three-level atomic systems. The Autler–Townes splitting of the FWM signal within the electromagnetically induced transparency window has been experimentally observed. Under the same experimental conditions in different energy-level systems, the dressing effects strongly depend on the dipole moments of the transitions, which can provide an easy and qualitative way to determine the orders of magnitude of the effective dipole moments for different transitions by comparing the FWM suppressing effects.


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