Ultrafast carrier capturing in GaInP/Er,O-codoped GaAs/GaInP laser diodes grown by organometallic vapor phase epitaxy

Terai, Y.; Hidaka, K.; Fujii, K.; Takemoto, S.; Tonouchi, M.; Fujiwara, Y.
December 2008
Applied Physics Letters;12/8/2008, Vol. 93 Issue 23, p231117
Academic Journal
Carrier capturing in GaInP/Er,O-codoped GaAs (GaAs:Er,O)/GaInP laser diodes (LDs) was investigated by means of the threshold current density (Jth) of laser emission. The Er-doped LDs showed laser emission of the GaAs band edge at room temperature, and its Jth increases with the Er flow rate during the growth. In the dependence of Jth on reciprocal cavity length, the effective gain factor of the LDs decreased by the codoping of Er and O. These results reveal that ultrafast capturing of injected carriers at an Er-related trap level is accomplished even in the stimulated emission region of GaAs. The fast capturing process allowed us to observe both the spontaneous intra-4f-shell emission due to Er3+ ions at 1.54 μm and the stimulated emission at the GaAs band edge (∼840 nm) in the Er-doped LDs.


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