Terahertz emission from silicon and magnesium doped indium nitride

Wilke, Ingrid; Ascazubi, Ricardo; Lu, Hai; Schaff, William J.
December 2008
Applied Physics Letters;12/1/2008, Vol. 93 Issue 22, p221113
Academic Journal
We report an experimental study of femtosecond optically excited emission of terahertz frequency electromagnetic radiation from as-grown n-type InN, silicon doped InN, and magnesium doped InN. We have measured the terahertz emission from these materials as function of dc Hall mobility and carrier concentrations. Terahertz emission from InN:Si and native n-type InN increases with mobility as expected for transient photocurrents as primary mechanism of terahertz emission from InN. InN:Mg exhibits enhanced terahertz emission compared to InN:Si. This is experimental evidence for Mg being electrically active as an acceptor in InN. Terahertz emission from InN:Si is less strong than terahertz emission from native n-type InN because of an increased electron concentration due to silicon being an electrically active donor in InN.


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