Modification of ferrite-manganese oxide sorbent by doping with cerium oxide

Hai Zhao; Dexiang Zhang; Fangfang Wang; Tingting Wu; Jinsheng Gao
November 2008
Process Safety & Environmental Protection: Transactions of the I;Nov2008, Vol. 86 Issue 6, p448
Academic Journal
Fe-Mn oxide and Ce-doped Fe-Mn oxide sorbents were studied on the structural and desulfurization behavior in COS removal from syngas. The effects of cerium oxide on the Fe-Mn oxides have been investigated by XRD, BET, TPR, XPS and TEM methods. Analysis data show that the Ce-doped sorbent has larger specific surface area and better particles' dispersion compared with non-modified Fe-Mn sorbent. The addition of Ce improves the reduction performance of Fe-Mn species. The desulfurization experiments show that the desulfurization activity of sorbent can be increased because of the promotion of the structural and redex properties by ceria doped. The Ce-doped sorbent can reduce COS from 15,000 ppmv to less than 0.1 ppmv at 325°C and a space velocity of 1000 h-1.


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