Structural and transport properties of epitaxial niobium-doped BaTiO3 films

Shao, Y.; Hughes, R. A.; Dabkowski, A.; Radtke, G.; Gong, W. H.; Preston, J. S.; Botton, G. A.
November 2008
Applied Physics Letters;11/10/2008, Vol. 93 Issue 19, p192114
Academic Journal
BaTi1-xNbxO3 films, spanning the entire range of x, have been deposited on MgAl2O4 substrates. X-ray diffraction measurements indicate single phase films for all values of x, contrary to a previously reported niobium solubility limit. Films show extreme sensitivity to high temperature oxygen exposure, which destroys conductivity and severely disrupts crystallinity. Under optimum growth conditions increasing x gives rise to a Ti4+ to Ti3+ transformation in the oxidation state accompanied by increased conductivity with a semiconductor-metal transition near x=0.2. Temperature dependent magnetic measurements show an anomalous rise in the spin moment, a feature supportive of the small singlet bipolaron model.


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