Variable sexually dimorphic gene expression in laboratory strains of Drosophila melanogaster

January 2007
BMC Genomics;2007, Vol. 8, p454
Academic Journal
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  • Fruitflies (Communication arising):. Llopart, Anna; Elwyn, Susannah; Coyne, Jerry A. // Nature;9/26/2002, Vol. 419 Issue 6905, p360 

    Many species of the fruitfly Drosophila are either sexually dimorphic for abdominal pigmentation (the posterior segments in males are black and those of females have thin dark stripes) or sexually monomorphic for this pigmentation (both sexes show striping). Kopp et al. report a correlation in...

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    The article focuses on a pattern for gene with sexually dimorphic expression in the mouse hypothalamus and amygdala through the use of microarrays.

  • No Accelerated Rate of Protein Evolution in Male-Biased Drosophila pseudoobscura Genes. Metta, Muralidhar; Gudavalli, Rainbabu; Gibert, Jean-Michel; Schlötterer, Christian // Genetics;Sep2006, Vol. 174 Issue 1, p411 

    Sexually dimorphic traits are often subject to diversifying selection. Genes with a male-biased gene expression also are probably affected by sexual selection and have a high rate of protein evolution. We used SAGE to measure sex-biased gene expression in Drosophila pseudoobscura. Consistent...

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    A major objective of genomics is to elucidate the mapping between genotypic and phenotypic space as a step toward understanding how small changes in gene function can lead to elaborate phenotypic changes. One approach that has been utilized is to examine overall patterns of covariation between...

  • Gene expression: Fast males. Oliver, B. // Heredity;Dec2003, Vol. 91 Issue 6, p535 

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    Upon mating, Drosophila melanogaster females undergo numerous alterations in their behavior and reproductive physiology that are accompanied by small-magnitude transcript-level changes in up to 1700 genes. Many of these postmating transcriptorne changes are the direct result of the sperm and...

  • Inter- and Intraspecific Variation in Drosophila Genes with Sex-Biased Expression. Müller, Lena; Grath, Sonja; von Heckel, Korbinian; Parsch, John // International Journal of Evolutionary Biology;2012, p1 

    Genes with sexually dimorphic expression (sex-biased genes) often evolve rapidly and are thought to make an important contribution to reproductive isolation between species. We examined the molecular evolution of sex-biased genes in Drosophila melanogaster and D. ananassae, which represent two...

  • Masculinization of Gene Expression Is Associated with Exaggeration of Male Sexual Dimorphism. Pointer, Marie A.; Harrison, Peter W.; Wright, Alison E.; Mank, Judith E. // PLoS Genetics;Aug2013, Vol. 9 Issue 8, p1 

    Gene expression differences between the sexes account for the majority of sexually dimorphic phenotypes, and the study of sex-biased gene expression is important for understanding the genetic basis of complex sexual dimorphisms. However, it has been difficult to test the nature of this...


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