Different optical absorption edges in AlN bulk crystals grown in m- and c-orientations

Lu, P.; Collazo, R.; Dalmau, R. F.; Durkaya, G.; Dietz, N.; Sitar, Z.
September 2008
Applied Physics Letters;9/29/2008, Vol. 93 Issue 13, p131922
Academic Journal
AlN single crystals were grown on m-plane (1010) and c-plane (0001) AlN seeds under identical growth conditions. The m-plane AlN crystals exhibited substantially lower oxygen incorporation, ∼1018 cm-3, than the c-plane crystals, ∼1019 cm-3. By investigating optical transmission spectra, m-plane AlN had absorption bands at 4.05 and 4.35 eV, while c-plane AlN had an absorption band edge at 4.85 eV. These below bandgap absorption bands strongly correlate with the reported transitions related to Al vacancy-impurity complexes, such as the complex of an Al vacancy and two oxygen atoms, (VAl–2ON)1- and the complex of an Al vacancy and one oxygen atom, (VAl–ON)2-, becoming the major cause for the poor, below bandgap optical transparency (α>200 cm-1) of these crystals.


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