Magnetostructural phase transition and magnetocaloric effect in off-stoichiometric Mn1.9-xNixGe alloys

Zhang, C. L.; Wang, D. H.; Cao, Q. Q.; Han, Z. D.; Xuan, H. C.; Du, Y. W.
September 2008
Applied Physics Letters;9/22/2008, Vol. 93 Issue 12, p122505
Academic Journal
Phase transitions and magnetic entropy changes are studied in Mn1.9-xNixGe (x=0.85, 0.855) alloys. In these off-stoichiometric alloys, the crystallographic transition temperature decreases remarkably due to the deficiency of transition-metal atoms, and, consequently, a magnetostructural transition from the antiferromagnetic TiNiSi-type structure to the ferromagnetic Ni2In-type structure is observed. Owing to the abrupt change in magnetization, large magnetic entropy changes are obtained. The effect of transition-metal vacancies on the phase transition temperature is discussed.


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