Carrier dynamics in InGaAs with embedded ErAs nanoislands

Azad, Abul K.; Prasankumar, Rohit P.; Talbayev, Diyar; Taylor, Antoinette J.; Averitt, Richard D.; Zide, Joshua M. O.; Lu, Hong; Gossard, Arthur C.; O’Hara, John F.
September 2008
Applied Physics Letters;9/22/2008, Vol. 93 Issue 12, p121108
Academic Journal
Using time-resolved optical-pump terahertz-probe spectroscopy, we study the ultrafast carrier dynamics in In0.53Ga0.47As:ErAs, a potential candidate for 1550 nm based terahertz photoconductive detectors. Material growth is performed by codepositing ErAs nanoislands with Be-compensated InGaAs on an InP:Fe substrate using molecular beam epitaxy. The material shows a rapid photoconductivity response following optical excitation. Photoexcitation with ∼0.5 μJ/cm2 800 nm femtosecond laser pulses yields a 3.2 ps carrier lifetime in optical-pump terahertz-probe experiments. We also measure the carrier lifetime using a 1550 nm femtosecond optical pump-probe system, and it is found to agree well with the terahertz measurements. These short lifetimes demonstrate significant potential for implementing terahertz systems using telecommunication based technologies.


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