Neutron production from interactions of high-intensity ultrashort pulse laser with a planar deuterated polyethylene target

Petrov, G. M.; Davis, J.
July 2008
Physics of Plasmas;Jul2008, Vol. 15 Issue 7, p073109
Academic Journal
The deuteron acceleration from a planar uniform deuterated polyethylene (CD2) target was studied with a two-dimensional electromagnetic particle-in-cell method in the ultrarelativistic regime for peak laser intensities between 1023 and 1025 W/m2. Under identical conditions the deuteron energy and angular distributions are very different when compared to that produced from a double-layer target. The neutron production from D(d,n)–3He nuclear fusion reactions was also investigated with a three-dimensional Monte Carlo ion beam-target deposition model. The neutron yield and its angular distribution were studied as a function of peak laser intensity and laser pulse duration. A neutron yield of 104–106 neutrons per Joule laser energy is inferred from simulations of a 4 μm thick planar uniform CD2 target. The angular scattering of neutrons is found to be nonisotropic and has a significant component in the forward (laser propagation) direction.


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