Defect dependent ferromagnetism in MgO doped with Ni and Co

Narayan, J.; Nori, Sudhakar; Pandya, D. K.; Avasthi, D. K.; Smirnov, A. I.
August 2008
Applied Physics Letters;8/25/2008, Vol. 93 Issue 8, p082507
Academic Journal
We have investigated magnetic properties of MgO single crystals doped with Ni and Co impurities, and studied changes in magnetic properties after heavy ion irradiation. These results are compared with doped single-crystal thin films that contain a higher concentration of trapped defects. The as-grown bulk single crystals, which contain a small equilibrium concentration of vacancies, exhibit a perfect paramagnetic behavior throughout the temperature range and magnetic field. By introducing defects either by ion irradiation or by thin film deposition, which have trapped defects, we are able to achieve defect-mediated ferromagnetic ordering.


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