Type-II behavior in wurtzite InP/InAs/InP core-multishell nanowires

Pal, B.; Goto, K.; Ikezawa, M.; Masumoto, Y.; Mohan, P.; Motohisa, J.; Fukui, T.
August 2008
Applied Physics Letters;8/18/2008, Vol. 93 Issue 7, p073105
Academic Journal
We study optical transitions from a periodic array of InP/InAs/InP core-multishell nanowires (CMNs) having a wurtzite crystal structure by using photoluminescence (PL) and PL excitation (PLE) spectroscopy. Observing a large Stokes shift between PL and PLE spectra, a blueshift of the PL peak with a cube-root dependence on the excitation power and a slow and nonexponential decay of PL with an effective decay time of 16 ns suggest a type-II band alignment. Band-offset calculation based on the “model-solid theory” of Van de Walle [Phys. Rev. B 39, 1871 (1989)] supports type-II band lineup if the InAs layer in the wurtzite CMNs is assumed to sustain compressive strain in all directions.


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