Interaction of jasmonic acid and blue light in the regulation of arabidopsis morphogenesis

Karnachuk, R. A.; Bol'shakova, M. A.; Efimova, M. V.; Golovatskaya, I. F.
September 2008
Russian Journal of Plant Physiology;Sep2008, Vol. 55 Issue 5, p597
Academic Journal
The effects of blue light (BL) and jasmonic acid (JA) on morphogenesis of Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh seedlings of genotypes Col and L er and their mutants, namely, axr1-3 and jar1-1 mutants resistant to IAA and JA, respectively, and a CRY1 photoreceptor-deficient mutant hy4 were studied. Both 1 μM JA and BL exposure retarded hypocotyl growth of L er, Col, and jar1-1 seedlings, whereas JA had no effect on hypocotyl growth of axr1-3, but the suppression of hypocotyl growth of this mutant by BL was even more noticeable than that of L er, Col, and jar1-1. JA and BL applied simultaneously inhibited hypocotyl growth of axr1-3 and especially of L er, Col, and jar1-1 more than either of factors applied separately. The hy4 mutant did not respond to BL, whereas JA stimulated its hypocotyl growth. JA did not change the cotyledon size of Col, axr1-3, and jar1-1 and reduced the cotyledon size of L er and hy4. BL enhanced the cotyledon growth of all wild-type and mutant plants used in the study. The cotyledon sizes of all plants except L er were also increased when JA and BL were applied together. Some of the growth responses correlated with the endogenous IAA and ABA contents. Thus, for example, the hypocotyl and cotyledon growth retardation of L er seedlings in the presence of JA correlated with a reduced level of free IAA and a considerable increase in the free ABA level in plants grown both in darkness and in BL. Under other growth conditions, no correlation between the endogenous IAA and ABA levels and A. thaliana seedling growth was noted. The interaction between the signal transduction pathways triggered by BL and JA at the early stages of arabidopsis morphogenesis is discussed on the basis of Col, L er, axr1-3, and jar1-1 hypocotyl growth responses.



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