Monoclinic-tetragonal phase transition in zirconium and hafnium dioxides: A high-temperature raman scattering investigation

Voronko, Yu. K.; Sobol, A. A.; Shukshin, V. E.
October 2007
Physics of the Solid State;Oct2007, Vol. 49 Issue 10, p1963
Academic Journal
Zirconium dioxide ZrO2 and hafnium dioxide HfO2 are investigated using high-temperature Raman spectroscopy in the temperature range 300–2080 K, including the regions of the monoclinic-tetragonal phase transitions revealed in these materials. An analysis is made of the specific features observed in the evolution of the high-temperature Raman spectra of both the monoclinic ( m) and tetragonal ( t) modifications of ZrO2 and HfO2 with variations in the temperature. The polarized Raman spectra of the metastable tetragonal phases in solid solutions based on zirconia and hafnia are used to identify the symmetry of vibrations in the spectra of the tetragonal modifications of pure zirconium and hafnium dioxides, which exist at high temperatures.


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