Hopping rates and concentrations of mobile fluoride ions in Pb1-xSnxF2 solid solutions

Ahmad, Mohamad M.; Yamada, Koji
September 2007
Journal of Chemical Physics;9/28/2007, Vol. 127 Issue 12, p124507
Academic Journal
In the present paper, the ion dynamics and relaxation of fluoride ions in Pb1-xSnxF2 (with x=0.2–0.6) solid solutions, prepared by mechanochemical milling, are studied in the conductivity formalism over wide ranges of frequencies and temperatures. The conductivity spectra of the investigated materials are analyzed by the Almond-West (AW) power-law model. The estimated values of the hopping rates and the dc conductivity of different compositions are thermally activated with almost the same activation energy. The calculated values of the concentration of mobile ions, nc, are almost independent of temperature and composition for x=0.2–0.4. The maximum value of nc is obtained for the x=0.6 sample, although it does not show the maximum conductivity. Therefore, the composition dependence of the ionic conductivity of these solid solutions could be explained based on the extracted parameters. The results presented in the current work indicate that the AW model represents a reasonable approximation of the overall frequency-dependent conductivity behavior of the investigated materials. The conductivity spectra at different temperatures for each composition are successfully scaled to a single master curve, indicating a temperature-independent relaxation mechanism. For different compositions, however, the conductivity spectra cannot be scaled properly, indicating composition-dependent relaxation dynamics.


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