Influence of Cu2+ ions on structural and magnetic properties of NiZn ferrites

Ušáková, Mariana; Lukáč, Jozef; Dosoudil, Rastislav; Jančárik, Vladimír; Grusková, Anna; Ušák, Elemír; Sláma, Jozef; Šubrt, Jan
December 2007
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics;Dec2007, Vol. 18 Issue 12, p1183
Academic Journal
The paper is devoted to the preparation of NiZn ferrite with small substitutions of copper by means of ceramic technology. The influence of small Cu substitution on the microstructural and magnetic properties of NiZn ferrites have been analysed by means of various experimental methods and interpreted from the point of view of preparation technology optimisation and possible applications of such materials. A strong correlation between the substituent content and resulting properties has been observed, thus allowing preparation of material with the properties tailored for any particular application.


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