Highly accurate determinations of CO2 line strengths using intensity-stabilized diode laser absorption spectrometry

Casa, Giovanni; Parretta, Donatella A.; Castrillo, Antonio; Wehr, Richard; Gianfrani, Livio
August 2007
Journal of Chemical Physics;8/28/2007, Vol. 127 Issue 8, p084311
Academic Journal
An intensity-stabilized laser absorption spectrometer, which incorporates a mirror-extended cavity diode laser, a temperature-stabilized gas cell, and a Michelson interferometer, was developed and applied to a highly accurate investigation of line intensity factors within the ν1+2ν20+ν3 combination band of carbon dioxide, around 2 μm wavelength, at a temperature of 296.0 K. This relatively complex apparatus enables one to observe the absorption line shape with high precision and accuracy in such a way that it is possible to retrieve the integrated absorbance with a relative uncertainty better than 0.1%. The absorption spectra were interpolated with the uncorrelated strong-collision model of Rautian and Sobel’man in order to take into account Dicke narrowing effects, thus obtaining an agreement at a level of a few parts per 10-5. We report line strength values for the R(2)–R(18) transitions with an unprecedented level of accuracy, in the range between 0.1% and 0.15%. Finally, we discuss the possibility of providing a first experimental test of the theoretical model for molecular line strengths based on the Herman-Wallis expansion.


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