The partial oxidation of crotonaldehyde over V—Mo—O catalyst

Cicmanec, P.; Syslova, K.; Tichy, J.
November 2007
Topics in Catalysis;Nov2007, Vol. 45 Issue 1-4, p229
Academic Journal
The partial oxidation of crotonaldehyde, furan, crotonic acid and maleic anhydride was carried out over V–Mo–O x catalyst in the temperature range 260–360 °C. The dependence of selectivity to main reaction products on the conversion of crotonaldehyde confirmed the parallel character of furan and maleic anhydride formation. The effect of water vapor on furan formation was explained by ability of the catalyst to isomerize crotonaldehyde. The reaction scheme of the oxidation of crotonaldehyde was suggested based on the experimental data.


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