Gružauskas, Romas; Asta Racevičiūtė-Stupelienė; Šašytė, Vilma; Semaškaitė, Agila; Mieželienė, Aldona; Alenčikienė, Gitana; Tėvelis, Vytautas; Gimbutas, Artūras
March 2007
Veterinarija ir Zootechnika;2007, Vol. 37 Issue 59, p13
Academic Journal
The effect of addition of enzymes Rovabio™Excel AP, organic acids Euroguard SVB and prebiotics Agrimoss® to the feed on broiler chickens growth dynamics, feed conversion ratio, mortality and sensory properties of the meat was investigated experimentally. The number of 800 broiler chickens were divided into 4 groups: Group 1 — basal diet (control), Group 2 — basal diet supplemented with enzymes Rovabio™Excel AP, Group 3 — basal diet supplemented with enzymes Rovabio™Excel AP + organic acids mixture Euroguard SVB, Group 4 — basal diet supplemented with enzymes Rovabio™Excel + prebiotics Agrimoss®. The results showed that in Groups 2 and 3 body weight of broiler chickens increased on 2% and feed conversion decreased on 6%, compared to Group 1. Addition of Rovabio™Excel AP ir prebiotics Agrimoss® to the diet in Group 4 increased broiler chickens body weight on 4% (P<0.05) and feed conversion ratio decreased on 6%, compared to controls in Group 1. It was estimated that addition of enzymes and its combination with organic acids and prebiotics had no significant effect on the sensory properties (odor, colour, texture, taste and aftertaste) of broiler chickens drumsticks (P>0.05). The addition of combination Rovabio™Excel AP + EuroGuard SVB or Rovabio™Excel AP + Agrimoss® statistically significantly increased broiler chickens breast hardness and fibriness (P<0.001).


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