Edge Plasma Studies and Related Diagnostics on CASTOR Tokamak

Hron, M.; Stockel, J.; Devynck, P.; Martines, E.; Van Oost, G.; Duran, I.; Panek, R.; Adamek, J.; Weinzettl, V.
December 2006
AIP Conference Proceedings;2006, Vol. 875 Issue 1, p129
Conference Proceeding
In this contribution, two sets of measurements using a full poloidal array of Langmuir probes in the scrape-off layer of the CASTOR tokamak are described. First, results obtained with edge plasma biasing show creation of convective cells that cause radial transport due to ExB drift. Next, the analysis of the turbulence behaviour in standard ohmic discharges shows the presence of a spatially periodical mode with mode number equal to the edge safety factor q. © 2006 American Institute of Physics


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