Synthesis, characterization, and the molecular structures of two new kinds of stilbene

Yan-Hong Liu; Tong-Lai Zhang; Jian-Guo Zhang; Li Yang; Jin-Yu Guo; Wei Yu; Rui-Feng Wu; Kai-Bei Yu
June 2006
Canadian Journal of Chemistry;Jun2006, Vol. 84 Issue 6, p867
Academic Journal
We report in this study the synthesis, crystal culture, and single-crystal X-ray crystallography of two new kinds of double stilbene, which were readily prepared from trinitro-p-xylene and p-tolualdehyde in the presence of piperidine. We found that these triclinic crystals belong to the space group P-1. These compounds were also investigated using FT-IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR, and MS spectroscopy techniques. The thermal decomposition processes of the compounds were tested by DSC and TG-DTG at a heating rate of 10 C/min. These results indicate that the compounds have high heat-resistant stability.


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