Resonant behaviour in double charge exchange reaction of πmesons on the nuclear photoemulsion

Batusov, Yu.; Blokhintseva, T.; Pontecorvo, G.; Balestra, F.; Bussa, M.; Piragino, G.; Schepkin, M.
May 2006
European Physical Journal A -- Hadrons & Nuclei;May2006, Vol. 28 Issue 1, p11
Academic Journal
The invariant-mass spectra of the ppπ- and pp systems produced in the double charge exchange (DCX) of positively charged pions on photoemulsion are analysed. A pronounced peak is observed in the ppπ- invariant-mass spectrum, while the Mpp spectrum exhibits a strong Migdal-Watson effect of the proton-proton final-state interaction. These findings are in favor of the NN-decoupled NNπ pseudoscalar resonance with T = 0 called d'.


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