Magnetic Order in HoF3 Studied via Ho Nuclear Spin Probes

Hutchison, W. D.; Chaplin, D. H.; Bowden, G. J.
September 2004
Hyperfine Interactions;2004, Vol. 158 Issue 1-4, p169
Academic Journal
It is shown that in-situ 166mHo ( I = 7) in a spherical single crystal of HoF3 can be used as sensitive internal thermometer to thermally detect NMR (NMR-TDNO) from the 100% abundant stable 165Ho ( I = 7/2) nuclei. In addition, new 166mHo NMRON results are reported. Both the 166mHo NMRON and 165Ho NMR-TDNO spectra show three distinct quadrupolar split sub-resonances, in zero applied field. The data is used to make estimates of the Ho magnetic moments and quadrupole parameters for the 166mHo and 166mHo sites.


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