A molecular beam photoionization mass spectrometric study of Cr(CO)6, Mo(CO)6, and W(CO)6

Chen, Y.-J.; Liao, C.-L.; Ng, C. Y.
September 1997
Journal of Chemical Physics;9/22/1997, Vol. 107 Issue 12, p4527
Academic Journal
The photoionization efficiency (PIE) spectra for M(CO)n+ (n=0-6) from M(CO)6, M=Cr, Mo, and W, have been measured in the photon energy range of 650-1600 Ã…. Based on the ionization energies for M(CO)6 and appearance energies (AEs) for M(CO)n+ (n=0-5) determined here, we have obtained estimates for the sequential bond dissociation energies (D0) for CO-M(CO)n-1+ (n=1-6). The comparison between the D0 values for the Cr(CO)6+ system obtained here and in the recent collisional induced dissociation and theoretical studies suggests that D0 values for CO-M(CO)n-1+ (n=3-6) based on this PIE experiment are reliable. The PIE results reveal the general trend for individual D0 values that D0[CO-Cr(CO)n-1+]Mo(CO)6>Cr(CO)6.


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