Electrochemical properties and square-wave voltammetric determination of pravastatin

Nigovic, Biljana
January 2006
Analytical & Bioanalytical Chemistry;Jan2006, Vol. 384 Issue 2, p431
Academic Journal
The electrochemical reduction and adsorptive voltammetric behaviour of pravastatin have been studied by means of cyclic and square-wave voltammetry at a hanging mercury-drop electrode in electrolytes of different pH. Within the entire pH range (2.0–9.0) in Britton–Robinson buffer, pravastatin gave rise to a single voltammetric peak in the potential interval from −1.22 to −1.44 V, depending on pravastatin concentration. It was found that the reduction of pravastatin proceeds via a relatively stable intermediate, which is transformed to the final electroinactive product by a coupled chemical reaction or can be re-oxidized back to pravastatin. The rate of chemical transformation is controlled by the proton concentration. The electrode mechanism has the properties of a surface redox reaction. A sensitive analytical method for trace analysis of pravastatin based on the adsorptive stripping technique has been developed. The calibration plot was linear in the range 8×10−8–5×10−7 mol L−1. Application of the square-wave voltammetric method to determination of pravastatin in a pharmaceutical dosage form, without sample pretreatment, resulted in acceptable deviation from the stated concentration.


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