Manifestation of the Coster–Kronig Effect in the Near-Threshold Electron-Impact Excitation of the Cd+ Ion

Gomonaǐ, A. N.; Imre, A. I.; Vukstich, V. S.
December 2005
Optics & Spectroscopy;Dec2005, Vol. 99 Issue 6, p849
Academic Journal
The near-threshold portions of the energy dependences of the effective excitation cross sections of the resonance transition 4d105p2P°1/2 →4d105s2S1/2 and the two-electron forbidden transition 4d95s2 2D5/2→4d105p2P°3/2 in the spectrum of the Cd+ ion were investigated by the spectroscopic method in crossed electron and ion beams. In the region of energy splitting of the 2P° and 2D levels, a significant resonance contribution of the autoionizing states of cadmium (decaying during the Coster–Kronig process) to the effective excitation cross sections of the noted transitions was revealed for the first time. It is found that the resonance contribution manifests itself much more strongly for the forbidden transition in comparison with the more intense resonance transition; i.e., the manifestation of the Coster–Kronig effect in the electron excitation of ions depends strongly on the cross section of the direct process. It is ascertained that, during the Coster–Kronig process, the main contribution to the resonance excitation of both the resonance and the two-electron forbidden spectral transitions is from the low-lying terms of the series of autoionizing states 4d105p(2P°3/2)ns,md and 4d9(2D3/2)5s2ns,md, which are in the splitting region of the 2P°1/2, 3/2 and 2D5/2, 3/2 levels, rather than from the high-lying atomic autoionizing states of cadmium, which are located near the ionization limits (corresponding to the 2P°3/2 and 2D3/2 levels). © 2005 Pleiades Publishing, Inc.


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