SPEED2 Driven A Gas Embedded Z-Pinch Preliminary Results

Soto, Leopoldo; Pavéz, Cristian; Moreno, José; Sylvester, Gustavo; Silva, Patricio; Zambra, Marcelo
January 2006
AIP Conference Proceedings;2006, Vol. 808 Issue 1, p215
Academic Journal
Preliminary results in a gas embedded Z-pinch driven by the SPEED2 generators are presented. A 0-D model for a quasi static z-pinch with variable line density has been applied to determined the initial conditions to produce a gas embedded z-pinch to be driven by SPEED2 generator. Initial conditions to produce a gas embedded z-pinch with enhanced stability by means resistive effects and by finite Larmor radius effects were obtained. Using these results the electrodes were designed and constructed. © 2006 American Institute of Physics


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