4-benzylaminopyrimido[4′,5′:4,5]selenolo(2,3-b)quinoline with DNA fragments: a circular dichroism study

Gopal, M.; Veeranna, S.
September 2005
Research on Chemical Intermediates;2005, Vol. 31 Issue 7/8, p737
Academic Journal
Circular dichroism (CD) spectra of complexes of 4-benzylaminopyrimido[4′,5′ :4,5]selenolo(2,3-b)quinoline (BAPSQ) with octanucleotide I (d(TGACGTCA)), which is the cAMPresponsive element (CRE) in gene promoters, and its inverse d(ACTGCAGT) (octanucleotide II) have been measured over a range of drug/DNA ratios. It was demonstrated that the anticancer polyaromatic drug BAPSQ intercalates into DNA basepairs with its long direction perpendicular to both the DNA helix axis and the base pair long axis and induces larger conformational changes in CpG containing octanucleotide I CRE than in its reverse sequence, octanucleotide II. It was concluded that CD is a powerful and sensitive technique to discriminate between drug-binding modes of DNA and to define the geometry of the chromophore inserted into base pairs.


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