Tarti, Nevzat
March 2003
Ekev Academic Review;Spring2003, Vol. 7 Issue 15, p95
Academic Journal
Critisizm of text, as in the past, is one of the unavoidable problems in the studies of hadiths. The aim of this criticism is to examine if a hadith really belongs to the prophet Muhammad. The usage of contemporary science as a guide in the critisizm system of the new ages makes this problem exceedingly dificult. Because of verifing religious texts (Kur'ân and Hadiths) with scientific paradigm, the muslims had to use that paradigm to decide if a hadith is genuine (sahîh) or false (mevzû). This means that when a hadith is confirmed by results of the science and experiment, itshouldd be genuine, otherwise false. These two anachronic approachs which pretend not to see the historicity of the knowledge and belive that the prophet Muhammad is able to know all of contemporary scientific knowlage, are going to be discussed in this work.


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