Effect of threading dislocations on the Bragg peakwidths of GaN, AlGaN, and AlN heterolayers

Lee, S. R.; West, A. M.; Allerman, A. A.; Waldrip, K. E.; Follstaedt, D. M.; Provencio, P. P.; Koleske, D. D.; Abernathy, C. R.
June 2005
Applied Physics Letters;6/13/2005, Vol. 86 Issue 24, p241904
Academic Journal
We develop a reciprocal-space model that describes the (hkl) dependence of the broadened Bragg peakwidths produced by x-ray diffraction from a dislocated epilayer. We compare the model to experiments and find that it accurately describes the peakwidths of 16 different Bragg reflections in the [010] zone of both GaN and AlN heterolayers. Using lattice-distortion parameters determined by fitting the model to selected reflections, we estimate threading-dislocation densities for seven different GaN and AlGaN samples and find improved agreement with transmission electron microscopy measurements.


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