Rescaled temperature dependence of dielectric behavior of ferroelectric polymer composites

Dang, Zhi-Min; Wang, Lan; Wang, Hai-Yan; Nan, Ce-Wen; Xie, Dan; Yin, Yi; Tjong, S. C.
April 2005
Applied Physics Letters;4/25/2005, Vol. 86 Issue 17, p172905
Academic Journal
Rescaled temperature dependence of dielectric behavior of ferroelectric polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) filled with electroactive ceramic particles of rocksalt-type Li and Ti codoped NiO (LTNO) was studied at wide frequency ranges. Dielectric behavior of the flexible PVDF-LTNO composites with LTNO filler at the volumetric function of 0.3 exhibits a dielectric constant value, [variant_greek_epsilon]≈50 at broad temperature range (290–360 K), and the value is frequency independent from 103 to 106 Hz. The dielectric response of the composite is almost in accordance to that of pure PVDF matrix polymer. It was found that though the dielectric constant value of the composites is high due to an introduction of the rock salt-type LTNO ceramic particles with high dielectric constant, the glass transition of the polymer and dielectric relaxation related to the wide-angle oscillation of polar groups attached to the main polymer chain determine the dielectric behavior of the composite.


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