Macroscopic quantum tunneling of the magnetization in the single crystal of [(Mn0.96Cr0.04)12O12 (CH3COO)16(H2O)4]·2CH3COOH·4H2O

He, L. H.; Yan, Q. W.; Wang, F. W.
May 2005
Applied Physics Letters;5/16/2005, Vol. 86 Issue 20, p202509
Academic Journal
Large-size single crystals of the single-molecule magnet [(Mn0.96Cr0.04)12O12 (CH3COO)16(H2O)4]·2CH3COOH·4H2O ((Mn0.96Cr0.04)12-Ac) were grown, and the effect of Cr substitution on quantum tunneling of the magnetization (QTM) was investigated. In comparison with its parent Mn12-Ac {abbreviated for [Mn12O12 (CH3COO)16(H2O)4]·2CH3COOH·4H2O}, a faster relaxation, i.e., a higher QTM probability, has been observed in (Mn0.96Cr0.04)12-Ac. This modulation of the relaxation time due to the Cr doping could be attributed to additional intrinsic, but distributed, transverse and longitudinal anisotropies raised by a subtle change of the local environment in the magnetic Mn12 core.


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