Impact of niobium doping upon the magnetotransport properties of the oxygen-deficient perovskite SrCo1-xNbxO3-δ

Motohashi, T.; Caignaert, V.; Pralong, V.; Hervieu, M.; Maignan, A.; Raveau, B.
May 2005
Applied Physics Letters;5/9/2005, Vol. 86 Issue 19, p192504
Academic Journal
The oxygen-deficient perovskite cobaltite SrCo1-xNbxO3-δ was synthesized by direct solid-state reaction and its magnetotransport properties were investigated. This cobaltite exhibits an unusual ferromagnetic behavior with a transition temperature Tm=130 to 150 K and a spin-glass-like behavior below Tm. Importantly, this phase reaches a large magnetoresistance (MR) value, MR≡-(ρH-ρ0)/ρ0=30% at 5 K in 7 T. The large MR effect is believed to be related to the disordered magnetic state induced by the Nb-for-Co substitution.


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