Measurements of rotational transform due to noninductive toroidal current using motional Stark effect spectroscopy in the Large Helical Device

Ida, K.; Yoshinuma, M.; Watanabe, K. Y.; Kobuchi, T.; Nagaoka, K.
May 2005
Review of Scientific Instruments;May2005, Vol. 76 Issue 5, p053505
Academic Journal
The change of rotational transform due to noninductive plasma current driven by a negative neutral beam, which has a value typically less than 10% of total rotational transform determined by the external current in the helical coils, is measured in the Large Helical Device with motional Stark effect spectroscopy. Radial profiles of rotational transform are derived from the radial profiles of the polarization angle of the σ component in the Hα line emitted from the high energy hydrogen atom of the beam with four sets of linear polarizers, spectrometers, and CCD detectors. The radial profile of the change in the rotational transform due to the noninductive toroidal current driven by the neutral beam is measured.


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