Electrooxidation of methanol at platinum–ruthenium catalysts prepared from colloidal precursors: Atomic composition and temperature effects

Dubau, L.; Coutanceau, C.; Garnier, E.; Léger, J.-M.; Lamy, C.
May 2003
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry;May2003, Vol. 33 Issue 5, p419
Academic Journal
The electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol was investigated on PtRu electrodes of different atomic compositions at several temperatures (from 25 to 110 °C). Very active catalyst nanoparticles supported on active carbon (Vulcan XC 72) were obtained using the colloidal synthesis developed by Bönnemann et al. [11], allowing easy variation of the atomic composition. These electrocatalysts were characterized by TEM, EDX and XRD; results indicate that they consist of platinum nanoparticles decorated by ruthenium. Methanol oxidation was studied as a function of composition, temperature and methanol concentration. Two effects were investigated: the effect of the working temperature and the effect of the atomic composition. It appeared that for lower methanol electrooxidation overvoltages, the best catalysts are ruthenium-rich, whereas at higher overvoltages the best one is the Pt + Ru (80:20)/C composition, irrespective of the working temperature, either in half-cell or in a single DMFC.


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