Defect reduction in [formula] m-plane gallium nitride via lateral epitaxial overgrowth by hydride vapor phase epitaxy

Haskell, B. A.; Baker, T. J.; McLaurin, M. B.; Wu, F.; Fini, P. T.; DenBaars, S. P.; Speck, J. S.; Nakamura, Shuji
March 2005
Applied Physics Letters;3/14/2005, Vol. 86 Issue 11, p111917
Academic Journal
This letter reports on extended defect density reduction in m-plane [1&10macr;0] GaN films achieved via lateral epitaxial overgrowth (LEO) by hydride vapor phase epitaxy. Several dielectric mask patterns were used to produce 10 to 100 μm-thick, partially and fully coalesced nonpolar GaN films. X-ray rocking curves indicated the films were free of wing tilt. Transmission electron microscopy showed that basal plane stacking fault (SF) and threading dislocation (TD) densities decreased from 105 cm-1 and 109 cm-2, respectively, less than 3×10³ cm-1 and ∼5×106 cm-2, respectively, in the Ga-face (0001) wing of the LEO films. SFs persisted in 〈0001〉-oriented stripe LEO films, though TD reduction was observed in the windows and wings. Band-edge cathodoluminescence intensity increased 2 to 5 times in the wings compared to the windows depending on the stripe orientation. SFs in the low TD density wings of 〈0001〉-stripe films did not appear to act as nonradiative recombination centers.


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