Elastic constants and magnetic anisotropy of Co/Pt superlattice thin films

Nakamura, Nobutomo; Ogi, Hirotsugu; Hirao, Masahiko; Ono, Teruo
March 2005
Applied Physics Letters;3/14/2005, Vol. 86 Issue 11, p111918
Academic Journal
This study is devoted to a correlation between elastic constants and magnetic anisotropy of Co/Pt superlattice thin films. Co/Pt superlattice thin films with various Co–Pt layer wavelengths were deposited on monocrystal silicon substrates by an ultrahigh-vacuum-evaporation method, keeping the volume fractions of the Co and Pt layers unchanged. Their perpendicular magnetic anisotropy ranged between -0.2 and 5.0 MJ/m3. Resonant-ultrasound spectroscopy coupled with laser-Doppler interferometry determined their hexagonal-symmetry elastic constants, which correlate with the magnetic anisotropy; higher perpendicular magnetic anisotropy causes larger in-plane elastic moduli and smaller out-of-plane moduli. The correlation is explained by internal elastic strain associated with lattice misfit at the Co–Pt interfaces.


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