Somatostatin and Peripheral Blood Flow in Man

Savi, Luigi; Cardillo, Carmine; Bombardieri, Giuseppe
August 1985
Angiology;Aug1985, Vol. 36 Issue 8, p511
Academic Journal
Somatostatin (SS), a physiological substance which inhibits secretion of GH, TSH, glucagon and insulin, was evaluated as a vasoactive agent. In normal and arteriopatic subjects SS was administered intravenously by bolus for 3 minutes and by infusion for 30 minutes. Rheography and plethysmography of lower limbs were performed before, during and after somatostatin administration. A marked improvement of blood flow, provoked by somatostatin, was observed. A reduction of heart rate was also observed. Some hypotheses about the mechanism with which SS acts upon peripheral circulation are discussed.


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