Functional characteristics in asymmetric source/drain InAlAsSb/InGaAs/InP δ-doped high electron mobility transistor

Lee, Ching-Sung; Hsu, Wei-Chou
January 2005
Applied Physics Letters;1/17/2005, Vol. 86 Issue 3, p033505
Academic Journal
Functional characteristics, comprising enhance-mode linear amplification performance and N-shaped negative-differential resistance phenomenon, have been observed in an inverted δ-doped In0.34Al0.66As0.85Sb0.15/In0.75Ga0.25As/InP high electron mobility transistor with the asymmetric source/drain terminal structure. Unpassivated peak performances, including the transconductance of 268 mS/mm and saturation drain current density of 210 mA/mm, and significant negative differential resistance characteristics, including the peak-to-valley current ratio of 6.1, can be obtained on the same device by switching the source/drain electrical connection. The electric field aspects of the asymmetry in the contacts have also been investigated.


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