January 2005
Nuclear Plant Journal;Jan/Feb2005, Vol. 23 Issue 1, p24
Trade Publication
The article reports that Thermo Electron Corp. has published product specifications on its PM17O3 Series Gamma & Gamma/Neutron pager. The PM 1703 series of pagers are designed as highly sensitive measurement devices, conveniently worn on a belt to provide warning of rising levels of gamma or gamma and neutron radiation. These compact units are typically used to search for, detect and locate radioactive materials in a variety of situations. They also provide an excellent tool for extending stationary monitoring systems to expand the surveillance or to verify alarms of such systems and locate offending items.


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    γ-ray transitions in the neutron deficient 190,197Po nuclei have been identified. The yrast band of 190Po has been extended up to a spin and parity of 14+ and is found to display similar systematic behaviour to isotones 186Hg and 188Pb above the 4+ level, thus confirming its prolate nature....


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