January 2005
Nuclear Plant Journal;Jan/Feb2005, Vol. 23 Issue 1, p24
Trade Publication
The article reports on imaging sensors manufacturer Photonis's new brochure titled Neutron and Gamma Detectors. The document includes information on fundamentals of neutron and gamma detectors and also more specific information about Photonis' offerings.


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  • γ-ray and neutron calibration facility (abstract). Coleman, J. W.; Wenzel, K. W.; Li, C. K.; Lo, D.; Petrasso, R. D. // Review of Scientific Instruments;Oct90, Vol. 61 Issue 10, p3234 

    High-temperature inertial and magnetically confined plasmas are copious emitters of y rays and neutrons. Some γ-ray and neutron reactions of interest are D + He³ → Li[sup 5] + γ (16.7), D + P → He³ + γ (5.5 MeV), D + T → He[sup 5] + γ (16.6 MeV), D + D...

  • MIT fusion γ-ray diagnostic development. Wenzel, K. W.; Petrasso, R. D.; Lo, D. H.; Li, C. K.; Coleman, J. W.; Lierzer, J. R.; Hsieh, E.; Bernat, T. // Review of Scientific Instruments;Oct92, Vol. 63 Issue 10, p4840 

    In conjunction with γ-ray diagnostic development for the NOVA Upgrade and Alcator C-MOD experiments, we have assembled a comprehensive set of absolutely calibrated γ-ray sources and several γ-ray detectors. These tools will be used in characterizing and calibrating new γ-ray...

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    We present the one-dimensional (1D) position and energy resolution results obtained by a γ-ray detector based on a single CsI(Tl) scintillator coupled to a linear array of silicon drift detectors (SDDs). The present prototype has been realized in order to investigate the basic performances of...

  • Absolute calibration of fusion gamma ray detector on TFTR. Medley, S. S.; Roquemore, A. L.; Cecil, F. E. // Review of Scientific Instruments;Oct92, Vol. 63 Issue 10, p4857 

    An in situ measurement of the absolute detection efficiency of the fusion gamma ray detector on TFTR has been completed. The efficiency was determined by measuring the yield of the 4.44 MeV gamma ray from a plutonium-berrylium source situated within the vacuum vessel. The absolute detection...

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    Explores the characteristics of Germanium-based gamma-ray detectors. Description of detectors; Charge production and collection; Process involved in activation analysis.

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    Based on the results of detailed modelling of the powerful radio flare of the microquasar GRS 1915+105 in March/April 1994, here we discuss γ-ray fluxes which can be expected from this class of objects. We discuss also perspectives and possible strategy for detection of microquasars in high...

  • Test campaign of the mini-calorimeter for the AGILE satellite. Auricchio, Natalia; Celesti, Enrico; Di Cocco, Guido; Galli, Marcello; Gianotti, Fulvio; Labanti, Claudio; Mauri, Alessandro; Malaspina, Marco; Rossi, Elio; Stephen, John B.; Traci, Alessandro; Trifoglio, Massimo // AIP Conference Proceedings;2001, Vol. 587 Issue 1, p749 

    The AGILE Mini-Calorimeter (MCAL, with total on-axis radiation length 1.5 X[SUBo]) comprises 2 orthogonal planes each consisting of 16 CsI(T1) bars. Its primary purpose is the energy determination of gamma-rays detected by the Gamma-Ray Imaging Detector (GRID) Tracker (energy range 30 MeV - 50...

  • In-beam Studies of Proton Emitters using the Recoil-Decay Tagging Method. Seweryniak, D.; Woods, P. J.; Ressler, J. J.; Davids, C. N.; Heinz, A.; Sonzogni, A. A.; Uusitalo, J.; Walters, W. B.; Caggiano, J. A.; Carpenter, M. P.; Cizewski, J. A.; Davinson, T.; Ding, K. Y.; Fotiades, N.; Garg, U.; Janssens, R. V. F.; Khoo, T.-L.; Kondev, F. G.; Lauritsen, T. // AIP Conference Proceedings;2000, Vol. 518 Issue 1, p112 

    The last five years have witnessed a rapid increase in the volume of data on proton decaying nuclei. The path was led by decay studies with recoil mass separators equipped with double-sided Si strip detectors. The properties of many proton decaying states were deduced, which triggered renewed...

  • Commissioning of the NPDGamma Detector Array: Counting Statistics in Current Mode Operation and Parity Violation in the Capture of Cold Neutrons on B4C and 27Al. Gericke, M. T.; Bowman, J. D.; Carlini, R. D.; Chupp, T. E.; Coulter, K. P.; Dabaghyan, M.; Desai, D.; Freedman, S. J.; Gentile, T. R.; Gillis, R. C.; Greene, G. L.; Hersman, F. W.; Ino, T.; Ishimoto, S.; Jones, G. L.; Lauss, B.; Leuschner, M. B.; Losowski, B.; Mahurin, R.; Masuda, Y. // Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards & Tec;May/Jun2005, Vol. 110 Issue 3, p215 

    The NPDGamma γ -ray detector has been built to measure, with high accuracy, the size of the small parity-violating asymmetry in the angular distribution of gamma rays from the capture of polarized cold neutrons by protons. The high cold neutron flux at the Los Alamos Neutron Scattering Center...


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