Radiotracer measurements as a sensitive tool for the detection of metal penetration in molecular-based organic electronics

Scharnberg, M.; Hu, J.; Kanzow, J.; Rätzke, K.; Adelung, R.; Faupel, F.; Pannemann, C.; Hilleringmann, U.; Meyer, S.; Pflaum, J.
January 2005
Applied Physics Letters;1/10/2005, Vol. 86 Issue 2, p024104
Academic Journal
The metallization of organic thin films is a crucial point in the development of molecular electronics. However, there is no method established yet to detect trace amounts of metal atoms in those thin films. Radiotracer measurements can quantify even very small amounts of material penetrating into the bulk, in our case less than 0.01% of a monolayer. Here, the application of this technique on two different well-characterized organic thin film systems (diindenoperylene and pentacene) is demonstrated. The results show that Ag is mainly adsorbed on the surface, but indicate that already at moderate deposition temperatures Ag can penetrate into the organic thin films and agglomerate at the film/substrate interface.


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