A resonant detector for high-energy inelastic neutron scattering experiments

Andreani, C.; Pietropaolo, A.; Senesi, R.; Gorini, G.; Perelli-Cippo, E.; Tardocchi, M.; Rhodes, N.; Schooneveld, E. M.
November 2004
Applied Physics Letters;11/29/2004, Vol. 85 Issue 22, p5454
Academic Journal
Results on the application of the resonant detector (RD) for epithermal neutron scattering in an unexplored kinematical region are presented. The RD is based on resonance radiative neutron capture for energy analysis of the scattered neutrons in an inverse geometry time of flight spectrometer. Application of the RD to detection of epithermal neutrons at very low scattering angles allows access to an unexplored scattering kinematical region, the High-energy Inelastic Neutron Scattering (HINS) region, of low wave vector (3 Ã…-1


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