Influence of the Nature of meso‐Substituents and Extra‐Ligands on the Luminescence of Ytterbium in Complexes with Porphyrins

Rusakova, N.V.; Korovin, V. Yu.; Zhilina, Z.I.; Vodzinskii, S.V.; Ishkov, Yu. V.
July 2004
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy;Jul/Aug2004, Vol. 71 Issue 4, p506
Academic Journal
Complexes of ytterbium with various meso‐tetrasubstituted porphyrins have been obtained and their spectral‐luminescent properties have been investigated. It is shown that the quantum yield and the lifetime of 4f‐luminescence of the ytterbium ion are higher in complexes with porphyrins that contain aromatic and heteroaromatic meso‐substituents (as compared to n‐alkyl ones) and also in complexes with the acetylacetonate ion as an extra‐ligand.


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