Polarized Fluorescence of Complex Molecules Being Excited by Low‐Energy Electrons

Kukhto, A.V.; Mit'kovets, A.I.; Ritchik, D.V.
July 2004
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy;Jul/Aug2004, Vol. 71 Issue 4, p512
Academic Journal
Polarization of the fluorescence of the vapors of anthracene, perylene, 1,4‐di(2,5‐phenyloxazolyl)benzene (POPOP), and 2‐phenyl‐5‐(4‐biphenylyl)oxazole (BPO) upon excitation by a beam of monokinetic electrons with energy varying in the 5–300‐eV range has been found. The electrical vector of radiation has a higher value in the direction perpendicular to the direction of the electron beam. For the substances studied, maxima of fluorescence polarization are observed that approximately coincide in position with the maxima of the excitation function. The maximum value of the fluorescence polarization degree of POPOP does not exceed 3.8%.


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